or-bits.com lands David Rule in DISTANCE | at STK International Airport

19-20 JUNE 2010

or-bits.com lands David Rule in DISTANCE

At Stoke Newington International Airport, London, UK

The landing of David Rule’s work Street View into the festival marks the beginning of or-bits.com's exploration into presenting works in translations, moving between and across the online and offline.
The piece approaches the logistical rigour and helpless stasis of Google’ss Street View photography with a series of texts, recollections accounting for Google's voids, written with the imagined wisdom of both fore and hindsight. The reader's efforts to activate each text is accompanied by the unlikely task of entering the full web address by hand, so including the real possibility of getting lost and the real reward of a journeyed destination.

Image courtesy of James Bridle at booktwo.org

Download full programme of the festival here

And a review of Rule’s work by James Bridle at booktwo.org here


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