source coding I LAUNCH EVENT | 25.06.10 |

at Quare, London.

With live electronics by Tonylight and sound performance by J Milo Taylor.

SOURCE CODING was also a show presenting new contributions by the artists featured on the website who had been invited to submit new material referring to the act of source coding the work displayed on

Artists: Francesca Anfossi / Joana Bastos / Erik Bünger / Patrick Coyle / Alexandra Ferreira & Bettina Wind / Jamie George / Emma Hart / Irini Karayannopoulou / Radiomentale / Adam Rompel / David Rule / Annalisa Sonzogni / Maria Theodoraki / Davide Tidoni / Andrew Venell / David Wojtowycz – and sound installation and live electronics by J Milo Taylor and Tonylight.

J Milo Taylor, Observer-Observing (Ears, Eyes, Ears & Mouth), 2010

FROM OTHER SPACES, live electronics (excerpt), 2010 by Tonylight

All photos courtesy of Tanja Schimpl – © Tanja Schimpl

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