On the Upgrade — WYSIWYG is a POD book, also distributed as a PDF, which includes artworks by Jamie Allen, Renee Carmichael, David Horvitz, IOCOSE, Michael Kargl, Sara Nunes Fernandes, Julia Tcharfas, Maria Theodoraki and Richard Sides along with interviews with the featured artists that contextualise their artistic processes.
On the Upgrade – WYSIWYG is a book exhibition, or an exhibition in a book. It is a new configuration of selected material that was first presented online or for web broadcast and operates as an artistic, curatorial and design re-alignment of material originally compiled for online consumption for the book interface. The starting point of this project was that of conceiving the book format as an interface and reflecting upon the tensions that might exist between this holdable interface and the web interface along with that of the computer. Thus, reading patterns, the specificity of engagement with the material presented in a book and what site-specificity might mean in relation to moving between online and offline modes of presentation are some of the aspects that have been considered at the time of the making of the book.

“What are the representational languages of the interface? How does it work as text, image, sound, space and so forth, and what are the cultural effects, for instance of the way it reconfigures the visual, textual or auditory?” From Soren Pold, Interface Realism: The Interface as Aesthetic Form, 2005

Content details:

Project Forward

Michael Kargl, 'Orbitals', 2013
Re: Michael Kargl, 'Orbitals', 2012; INFORMAL

Renee Carmichael, 'An Homage to the Death of Print: A Reading of the Remains', 2013
Re: Renee Carmichael: An Homage to the Death of Print, 2012; ACCORDANCE

Maria Theodoraki, 'the line', 2010 – on-going
Re: Maria Theodoraki: Here, 2009; SUPERPOSITION and Here en Route, 2010; presents Maria Theodoraki at The James Taylor Gallery, London, 14/10– 7/11/2010

David Horvitz, 'An Informal Conversation', 2012-2013
Re: David Horvitz, make_your_own_MFA.pdf, 2012; INFORMAL

Sara Nunes Fernandes, 'The sideways boy and the levitating granny, the frontal man and the backside woman, the upside-down man and his wife who had her feet on the ground', 2013
Re: Sara Nunes Fernandes: The sideways boy and the levitating granny, the frontal man and the backside woman, the upside-down man and his wife who had her feet on the ground, 2012; 128kbps objects

Jamie Allen, 'Is this thing On? Internet Radio Fluxus Scores', 2013
Re: Jamie Allen: Is This Thing On? Internet Radio Fluxus Scores, 2012; 128kbps objects

Richard Sides, 'The Joyful System (FOOK your ENTITLEMENT)', 2013
Re: Richard Sides: The Joyful System 2.0 (Your pre-approved for a Wire Transfer), 2011; TRUTH

IOCOSE, 'A Crowded Apocalypse – STEPS', 2013
Re: IOCOSE: A Crowded Apocalypse – On Air, 2012; 128kbps objects

Julia Tcharfas, 'Summary Results from the Modified Tech-House First Year Live-in by Ezra Folkman' 2013
Re: Julia Tcharfas: The morning of Ezra Folkman’s death, the house switched on and went about its routine just as he had programmed it to do (A Plot Schematic), 2012; ACCORDANCE

Interviews with the artists

Design by Studio Hato, London
Proofreader Jenny Hodgson

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