ABOUT presents quarterly web-based group exhibitions that are accompanied by a rolling blog. Each exhibition originates from the exploration of a word and culminates in a media crossover, in which the editorial and miscellany of artist’ works are what remain visible of the process of production. The aim is to suggest links between various cultural areas, creating a system in which the artworks and their idiosyncratic languages, the blog posts and their trajectories stand for themselves while being connected to a centre.'s mission is to support the production of new works and writing and instigate an exploration of the creative and critical possibilities of the web as language, medium and subject. Its activity spans from web-based exhibitions to related OFFSITE PROJECTS, curatorial collaborations and talks.

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Words written about (selected PRESS):

On the Upgrade – WYSIWYG by Simone Monsi, in Juliet Art Magazine, November 2013

Gallerie d'arte online. An Interview with Filippo Lorenzin, in Artribune, November 2013

The Book as Interface: WYSIWYG by Orit Gat, in Editorial, Rhizome, July 2013

Do we need buildings for digital art? by Rob Allen, in Culture Professionals Network,, July 2013

ARTIST-LED HOT 100 by Kevin Hunt, in Signpost publication by a-n magazine, July 2013

Art for the internet: on and offline. The rise of internet galleries and online art projects, in Labkultur.TV, February 2013

CITY.CHANGE: London city review 2012, in, 27 December 2012

Website of the week, Hung & Drawn by Susanna Davies-Crook, in DAZEDdigital Art+Culture, 13 December 2012

Culture Mobile – Galeries virtuelles, in MCD#69 Magazine | NET ART, 11 December 2012

Watch this web space: online art beamed straight to your desktop by Oliver Basciano, in Art and Design, 19 July 2012

Lap Tab: or-bits by Alfredo Cramerotti, in News, Artribune Magazine, Issue 7, May-June 2012; p. 9

Comisariado en la red: espacios virtuales y Filter Feeders by Pau Waelder, in UOC-LAboral Blog, 27 May 2012

Off-Space Travels no.5: by Oliver Basciano , in Art Review, Issue 52, May 2012; pp. 40-42

Acceleration by Catherine Spencer, in This Is Tomorrow, November 2011 Acceleration by Greg J. Smith, in Vague Terrain, October 2011 by Gorm Ashurst, in Tweaker Zine, 1 November 2010

The onset of the virtual exhibition by Natalie Baker, in artica, May 2010

Open Safari: and Art by Holly Willats, in Art Licks, Issue 1, Autumn 2010; pp. 36-41

or-bits by Eleanor Weber, in Jotta, January 2010

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