‘Every Hundred Steps’, 28.08.09 - 29.08.09

“Walking from Streatham Common station to home, every hundred steps I pause. I look left, then I look right. I make a note of what I see either side of me.”

Time Left Right
23.35 aluminium shutters of a Polish convenience shop called Plus The Railway pub, 6 people drinking pints at wooden benches
23.37 dark green bushes foliage of in front of a semi-detached house, wooden fence, a brick wall
23.39 parked cars a Mercedes drives by
23.40 No 63. Greyhound Lane for sale by SAB (02087693434) and Baristowes (02087642282) a slumped blue mattress outside a house
23.43 No 87. Greyhound Lane, a berry bush in a front garden feature A domestic bin
23.45 A parted curtain and glimpse of TV Three people walking and speaking Polish
23.46 Tofem Hair Salon www.tofem.co.uk Trade Furniture Warehouse, free delivery 0208 677 3401
23.50 cars turning down Greyhound lane, Streatham Common a group of guys who playing football standing outside The Waterfront
23.52 people waiting for a bus illuminated by bus stop light Mediworld: v-shaped pillow only 13.50, disposable face masks 7.50 ‘protect yourself’, a skeleton with red frame spectacles atop its head
23.54 a lone figure, walking through the green, half lit sandstone coloured wall of Sainsburys warehouse
23.56 Texaco petrol station, open 24hrs, unleaded litre 106.9/ diesel litre 107.9, car wash 2 pounds Sainsburys, cluster of trolleys/ big banner ‘save a 1/3 on a feast of wine’
23.59 advertising board: Land Rover. Go Beyond. Text ‘test drive’ to 83330 Kempshott rd bus stop, glass scratch graffiti: ‘LISTEN 2 ME PLZ!’
0.02 demolition site, former NHS Primary Trust, pre-natal clinic demolition site, former MI5 car depot
0.05 New housing block, 3 storeys Funeral Directors
0.07 Entrance to Coulthurst Court White parking space, VW Golf
0.09 Cream painted walls of home hallway Cream painted walls of home hallway

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