or-bits.com presents UN-PUBLISH: OUTSOURCED Part Two: Museum of Vestigial Desire

OUTSOURCED is a two-part exhibition project organised for Banner Repeater serial publication UN-PUBLISH*. Through presenting two consecutive solo projects by graphic designer/artist Tara Kelton (14 Sept – 13 Oct 2013) and co-director of Museum of Vestigial Desire, Prayas Abhinav (19 Oct – 17 Nov 2013), UN-PUBLISH: OUTSOURCED explores the notion of outsourcing in its relationship with the users’ cultures and logics emerging from communicating through web-based services and online platforms.

The Museum of Vestigial Desire, an online platform funded and co-directed by Prayas Abhinav and Alishan Shahibaug, will be a guest presence inhabiting different contexts of display and engagement – the project space at Banner Repeater, the UN-PUBLISH 2.05 publication and or-bits.com –, speculating upon a future age in which there might be “nothing to show, nothing to see and nothing to disclose”. The Museum will perform itself by enacting a new episode of browsing activity. While mantaining its original essence as a feed of text, it will invite the viewer to break with the current ever-morphing flux of visual material and instead to sit and read, to stop and listen, offering a reading experience of its published books, journals and videos.

The exhibition will launch on Friday 18 October 2013, 6–8:30pm with a performance on the idea of Self by the Museum co-director Prayas Abhinav at 7:30pm at Banner Repeater project space.

Museum of Vestigial Desire, Lens, 2013. Courtesy of Prayas Abhinav.

Museum of Vestigial Desire, Lens, 2013.
Courtesy of Prayas Abhinav.

During the exhibition, Prayas Abhinav will present a series of live talks on or-bits.com, from Saturday 19 October to Saturday 26 October 2013. Talks will take place at Banner Repeater project space and both the online audience and the gallery visitors will be able to engage with Abhinav.
Talks schedule:
Sat 19 October; 2pm: SOURCE
Sun 20 October; 2pm: CHANNEL
Tue 22 October; 10am: HOLOGRAM
Wed 23 Oct; 10am: ORIENTATION
Thu 24 Oct; 10am: IDENTIFIER
Fri 25 Oct; 2pm: PACKAGING
Sat 26 Oct; 2pm: DISTRIBUTION
on www.or-bits.com/outsourced.php and at Banner Repeater project space.

The exhibition will be open from 19 October to 17 November 2013.
For more details about the exhibition download the PR here and go to the Museum.

* UN-PUBLISH is a series of critical works published on paper which are determined by ideas of shifting time and labour relations which are intrinsic to Banner Repeater’s location and which focus on the co-evolution of humans and technology.

Banner Repeater
Platform 1, Hackney Downs Network Rail
Dalston Lane, London, E8 1LA
Opening times: 8 – 11 am, Tue to Thu; 6 – 8pm Fri; 12 – 6pm Sat and Sun

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