Silicon Plateau Vol—1

As collaborative project with The Researchers at Work (RAW) programme at the Centre for Internet and Society and T.A.J. Residency & SKE Projects in Bangalore, last year we worked on Silicon Plateau Vol—1, a publishing project which began as a residency in Bangalore, also with the artist collective IOCOSE.

1 of 200 book covers, mad eunsing jpeg images from real estate promotional brochures found on the internet
1 of 200 book covers, made using jpeg images from real estate promotional brochures found on the internet.

Silicon Plateau Vol—1 is the first volume of a publishing series aimed at observing how the arts, technology and society intersect in the city of Bangalore. Guided by the belief in the importance of understanding technologies in their specificity rather than their universality, we wanted Silicon Plateau presents observations emerging from the personal experiences and perspectives of a variety of contemporary artists, writers and researchers, national and international, who either live in or have spent a period of time in the city, or have just crossed paths with its communities.

Silicon Plateau Vol–1 revolves around representations of the city of Bangalore. For this volume, our interest focused on how such representations are currently manifested in space, the way they are disseminated in the public domain in the form of advertising and urban development planning, for example how they are connected to the lives of the city’s inhabitants.

Silicon Plateau Vol–1 features works by artists Abhishek Hazra, IOCOSE, Tara Kelton, Sunita Prasad, Sreshta Rit Premnath and Renuka Rajiv, urban studies scholars Achal Prabhala, , Anja Gollor & Mirko Merkel and Christoph Schäfer, and writer Anil Menon.

Silicon Plateau Vol—1 is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License and you can dowload a PDF version of the book here.


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