About this blog

From other spaces blog brings a multidisciplinary look at the various programmes on display at or-bits.com and is regularly updated by a selection of bloggers during the duration of each current programme.

Under CATEGORIES you will find posts related to our past and current online exhibition programmes: Truth, Acceleration, On-looking, Simplicity and Superposition.
Current programme is INFORMAL.

INTERCHANGES is a section dedicated to interviews with artists and people whose work we like.
And curator and writer Morgan Quaintance has recently been contributing with a series of ongoing interviews with artists whose works engage with the internet.

In the NEWS and EVENTS section we are posting information about our off-site activity, from events to exhibitions, curatorial collaborations and talks. With the recent addition of our latest printed project, ON THE UPGRADE, a series of limited editions in a box, which is available for purchase on our website.

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We are looking forward to your comments.
If you want to propose something related to the current programme and what is out there, hit us with your ideas at info@or-bits.com.


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