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Dead Days Beyond Help: Letters

Monday, July 16th, 2012

Unlike the pieces in our previous entries, which were both unpremeditated improvisations, “Letters” is a fully composed piece written over the course of several months’ rehearsals. Like our first post Rehearsal Improvisation, the version of Letters heard here was recorded at a DDBH band practice for documentation/reference purposes. When this piece is eventually rerecorded for the purpose of inclusion on a commercially released album, the guitar and drums will be supplemented by additional overdubbed instrumentation. That version will embody the ultimate intention for the composition; however, the recording posted here reflects the way we experienced the material during the composition process and the form the piece takes when it is performed live.

Dead Days Beyond Help: Route Master

Friday, April 20th, 2012

This piece of music, like the one posted in our previous entry, was an unpremeditated improvisation. Unlike the previous piece, however, “Route Master” was performed and recorded specifically with the intention of it being included on a commercially released/distributed album (it will feature as track 5 on “THE GAME FACE” by Dead Days Beyond Help, due for release late 2012). It was recorded by Ash Gardener at House Of Strange Studios in Bow, and mixed by Alex Ward at his home studio.

Dead Days Beyond Help: Rehearsal Improvisation

Friday, April 6th, 2012

As a response to the Informal theme the music duo Dead Days Beyond Help proposed to contribute a number of pieces reflecting the different levels of (in)formality inherent in composed and improvised musical material, private and public performance, and recording as documentation and artifact.
The duo’s contribution will unfold over three blog posts, the first of which is here, Rehearsal Improvisation.

This piece of music was recorded at a DDBH band practice on March 19th this year. It was an unpremeditated improvisation performed at the start of the rehearsal as a warm-up, prior to our proceeding to work on composed material. It was recorded on an iPhone for documentation/reference purposes.

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