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The Visitors – Talk 3 at LOW&HIGH, Folkestone | 19.08.2011

Thursday, August 4th, 2011 will take part in  Showing and Sharing. Discussing the current ways of communicating through art, a group discussion organised by LOW&HIGH (Folkestone) on Friday 19 August 2011, at 6 pm.

More details below and on LOW&HIGH website:


Showing and Sharing. Discussing the current ways of communicating through art.


With: Benjamin Cook (Lux, London), Marialaura Ghidini (, Tai Shani (The Horse Hospital, London), Matt Rowe (B&B Project Space, Folkestone).

This event looks at the accessibility of art as well as the range of media and activities employed to distribute and share artworks. We will look at internet based projects and moving image formats as well as art venues’ programme and community art projects. The speakers will explore issues connected to art and everyday life: participating, collecting, sharing, showing, contributing, representing and curating.

Free. To book your place email:

Location LOW&HIGH 15 Tontine Street,Folkestone, CT20 1JT.

Images of the event  here.

At the State of the Arts Flash Conference

Friday, February 11th, 2011

On Thursday 10th 2010 we took part in the State of the Arts Flash Conference.
We were invited to respond with a 1-minute provocation to the following question:
What makes a good home for art (and for artists), and how can we ensure there are more of them?
And here is what we talked about:


Reconsider the hierarchical dominant conceptions of how art and ideas are distributed within the institutional and commercial system – the web is open and evades intermediaries.

1_ The web is a medium, but it is also a space, and a platform – it enables democratic work processes and reposition our understanding of outcome.
2_ Web platforms generate a network with no boundaries, be them physical, socio-political or cultural – they are open to all, and accessible to many.
3_ Wikileaks, the Egyptian protesters and the conservative reactions by institutionalised web services have just taught us the internet is still a political and critical space – it allows new forms of cultural distribution and enables radical practices.
4_ Web distribution is still an horizontal system – web platforms are based on sharing resources, knowledge and practices.
5_ Producing, displaying and distributing art on the web allow innovative forms of cooperation between people, organisations, and education centres.
6_ Online forms of engagement are yet to be fully discovered – the web facilitate a one-to-one personal and active experience

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of artworks.
7_ A few artists considerations on working with web platforms:
– ‘they are a place I have never been to before’
– ‘ there is an all-embracing atmosphere about them – they are open to everybody, and travel everywhere’
– ‘they are unique, because anything can be made for them’
– ‘the convey a real sense of immediacy, accessibility and openness’
– ‘they raise important questions about the relationship between technology and current critical thinking’
8_ The web is a yet-to-be-fully-explored house for art and artistic practices – it has the potentials to reinvent and reinforce forms of production, distribution and engagement.

Please note that Google Art Project is not a project for critical thinking, groundbreaking research and constructive engagement – and Adobe Museum for Digital Media is not a a museum.

Keep an eye on the Flash Conference website!

Getting Intimate – On/Off-Line, Distance Festival at STK International Airport | 20.06.10

Friday, June 18th, 2010 takes part in the discussion Getting Intimate – On/Off-Line convened by Cecilia Wee for Distance Festival, at STK International Airport (London) , on Sunday 24 June 2010 at 12 pm.

Please find more information below:

Getting Intimate – On/Off-Line

A discussion exploring temporal, geographical and bodily notions of intimacy. Reflecting on their individual practices as well as the festival as a whole, visual cultures writer Dr. Stephanie Polsky, together with Distance festival artist Steven Ounanian and Marialaura Ghidini, curator of online art production and display platform, examine the value of intimacy today. The discussion looks at the social spaces and contexts made possible through new technologies and the ways in which art can allow us to engage in these issues with fresh eyes. Convened by Cecelia Wee.