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OPEN CALL for presents “128kbps objects” on

Monday, September 17th, 2012

We are inviting artists to submit work for inclusion in the project 128kbps objects, a week-long internet radio broadcast on that will explore the idea of objects in transformation.

The project 128kbps objects will look into contemporary notions of object-hood across a variety of artistic practices, mediums and sites, investigating the potentials of displaying objects sonically. It will take into considerations the characteristics of the web-tool employed, the internet radio, such as the erasure of visual language, the loss of direct interaction with artistic content, the relationship between speed and quality, for which, for instance, all the sonic data above quality threshold of 128 kilo bytes per second are cancelled out.

How would an object manifest itself, be thought of, described or narrated when its inherent material quality are taken away, when the viewer is not confronted with its visual appearance? How can an art object be thought of in relation to the nature of its reception and social presence within the context of an internet radio broadcast?

Many and varied are the discourses about the relationship between object-hood, medium and distribution, starting from Walter Benjamin’s observations on mechanical reproductions, and many are the trajectories these discourses have opened up: from looking at base materiality to social interaction, from the aura of the work of art to the disappearance of medium-specificity.
For Maurice Merleau-Ponty “to turn an object upside-down is to deprive it of its meaning” because it looses its spatial coordinates when confronted with the viewer, it looses its “natural position”. (in “Phenomenology of Perception”, 1945). Rosalind Krauss discusses spatiality through looking at the relationship between the object and the viewer’s field, and when writing about Robert Smithson’s mirrors in thw work “Enantiomorphic Chambers” (1964), says “it is not just the viewer’s body that cannot occupy this space, then, it is the beholder’s visual logic as well; Chambers explores what must be called a kind of “structural blindness”” (in “Formless. A User’s Guide”, 2007). Others, such as writers and critics more concerned with the status of the digital object or the so-called Post-Internet art, write about objects in connection to current “Internet-users tactics” employed by artists (Artie Vierkant in “The Image Object Post-Internet”, 2010), focusing on information dispersion, multiplicity of formats and convergence of mediums; “objects have lost exclusive singular spatial properties. They exist and manifest in fluid forms through different media. In this, there is no moral hierarchy or pure differentiation in authenticity” as Gene Gene McHugh writes in the press release of Harm van den Dorpel’s show “Rhododendron” at W139 in Amsterdam (“Endless Problem”, 2011). has invited an array of artists, new and already featured on its online exhibitions, writers, curators and organisations to create a work or represent an existing one in response to the above text.

We also want to open up this project to other artists we don’t know and we are looking for contributions that will reflect and expand on these themes, or question them.
If you would like to take part to the project please follow the submission details and complete the form on website.
Deadline: 8 October 2012

We look forward to receiving your contributions, and